Our fold of Scottish Highland cattle is important to us. We spend lots of time with them and they all have their individual personalities. All of our animals are halter broken and have travelled at least some to different shows or displays. See the photos below and learn more about our animals.

Circle ME Aila
DOB: June 6, 2006

Aila is the class clown of the fold and our first Highland calf we purchased. She is full of mischief. If you have a comb in your hand it is all over - you will be combing her as long as she wants! Although she wasn't what judges were particularly looking for in the show ring, she is an excellent brood cow. She has length of body and is plenty wide. Her udder is nice and tight with great teats. And she is an easy calving cow - just like the breed is supposed to be. Her calves put on an amazing amount of weight in those first few months.
Aila - Scottish feminine name meaning "little bird"

2012 Show Cow of the Year

DOB: September 11, 2008

Patriot is a bottle fed steer that was given to us by Zealand Farms. We were looking for a steer for the girls to show and Patriot was the perfect little guy. He has a nose ring because he is an ox that will be used in parades and other promotional functions. He is a great ambassador for the breed. He is hard to fluster and enjoys all the attention he can get. His show career is over. However, his Ox career is just beginning. He will be kept around as long as he lives. The nose ring is unusual in a steer, but because he is going to be out in the public so often it is there for safety reasons - the added control in a situation when it is needed (Emergency brake). Other than that, it is purely jewelry, never to be touched!

Almosta Farm's Cami
DOB: March 19, 2009

Cami came to us with the nickname of "Diva". It fits her well. She is now the herd boss. She tends to be the greeter for visitors that come into the paddock. She used to be cute, but is now intimidating for people not used to the animals. Cami is also solidly built, we liked her shoulders when we saw her as a weanling - very stout for a heifer. She is uniformly thick all the way back.
Almosta Farm's Brooke
DOB: March 27, 2009

Brooke is the sweetheart of the bunch. She loves attention, but tends to wait patiently for you to notice her. Brooke is built for a grass fed system with a shorter stature, smaller fame, but extreme thickness. She is very thick and straight in her type. We have great expectations. She is probably the most feminine of our animals.

Ruairidh of Flatland Farm
DOB: April 6, 2009

"Rory" is our first calf from Aila. He is a bull and our first experiment in breeding cattle. His temperament is the absolute best - easy going, easy to handle, showing bull behavior but never aggressive. Great temperament, deep bodied, and great feet. The girls like to call him Ferdinand, after the book Ferdinand the Bull. His first calves hit the ground in the spring of 2012 and we were not disappointed with size and structure of the calves.  

Ruairidh - Scottish for Rory, and means "red king"

Almosta Farm's Britt
DOB: March 28, 2011

Britt is Brooke's full sister, and looks and acts just like her! Just what we wanted. Mark couldn't let her pass when she came up and licked him on a farm visit to Almosta Farm. She is thick bodied with a nice laid back temperament. We are looking forward to watching her develop and probably another year of showing before she is bred at 2. We had a tendency to call her Grandma, as she liked to watch everyone else play. But then some others her age showed up - and now she is the calf matriarch telling everyone what they should be doing!


 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer 2012 NCHCA Regional Show

Prairie Creek Dalles
DOB: April 15, 2011

Dalles is a heifer who came to us from a farm just 15 miles away - Prairie Creek Highlands. They have a wonderful herd of very nice animals, and we had early on committed to purchasing some heifers from them this year. Dalles is a lot like Aila - she is a bit of a clown, and is into everything. She is very sweet and loves to be scratched. Dalles is one of the most beautiful animals in the fold with that long wavy hair.

Dalles - Scottish name meaning "from the Dales" which are "meadowed valleys" - just like the farm she was born on!

Prairie Creek Maisie
DOB: May 21, 2011

Maisie also came to us from Prairie Creek Highlands. She has a sweet temperament - and has taught us a lot about earning her trust. She is a very deep, compact animal. She also has terrific feet. Maisie is a bit camera shy - but this photo shows how nice and deep she is. She was a great mother and spends most of her time eating or chewing her cud.


Maisie - Scottish for "pearl". Her mother was named "Opal" and also a black cow.

Champion Intermediate Yearling Heifer NCHCA Regional Show 2012

Ciara of Flatland Farm
DOB: September 5, 2011

Ciara (pronounced "Kee-ra") was born on a Sunday night just as I had gotten into the house to sit down for the first time that day. I saw Aila pacing and told Mark he would probably have a calf to deal with in the morning. I had just fed Aila a few treats - 10 minutes later - Ta Da! There she was. She is a dunn and seems to be developing as a thick, thick heifer. Her sire is Skye High Koal - who was the 2009 Bull of the Year, and Aila was the 2010 Show Cow of the Year - so we had high expectations. All of which have been met. She likes to do what she wants, but is pretty easy to convince otherwise. I think she is going to follow in her mother's footsteps as a clown. She is normally at the head of the pack with her tail in the air tearing around the paddock. Watch for her this year at the shows!

                                                                                          Ciara - Scottish for "dark one". She was steel gray when she was born, so it seemed fitting!

                                                                                          Champion Senior Heifer Calf NCHCA Regional Show 2012          

Gavina of FlatlandFarm

DOB: March 2, 2014


Gavina was born early in the morning - and it was -15 out that day!  Whew - needless to say she was handled quite a bit to get her dry and warm. She did great and has been out running around every since. Gavi is slated to stay here on the farm - she is thick and square with a great disposition and will fit in well with out breeding program. Gavi's dam is Almosta Farm's Britt and her sire is Skye High Wayward Son.

Gavina - Scottish for "white hawk". It fit her personality as she is constantly in motion checking everyone out to see what they are up to.

Blair of Flatland Farm                                                           FOR SALE by private treaty

DOB: March 14, 2014


Blair is a beautiful red heifer who is very showy. She is very well put together and she has gotten some highlights to go with the dark red color. Blair is very correct and will make a great addition to someone's herd. She is easy to work with, but I can see her working her way up in the herd as she get's older. She has a personality much like her mothers! Blair's dam is Almosta Farm's Cami and her sire is Ruairidh of Flatland Farm.

Blair - Scottish surname meaning "plain or field".

Skye of FlatlandFarm                                                           FOR SALE by private treaty

DOB: March 24, 2014


Skye was born with sky blue eyes - they have darken up a bit but she is still a beautiful animal. She has been the tallest of the calves this year - which is strange since both mom and dad would be considered short! She has her dad's curly locks on her head and she will be a great brood cow. She is a sweet as they come and couldn't be any calmer.  I couldn't find a decent recent photo of her standing up - as I
 said, she is very calm....  Skye's dam is Almosta Farm's Brooke and her sire is Ruairidh of Flatland Farm.

Skye - Scottish island off the west coast of Scotland.

George of FlatlandFarm                                                         FOR SALE by private treaty

DOB: March 24, 2014


George is a nice bull calf who is going to be think. He has nice width in his hips and has matured into a nice bull who will be coming up on a year old in a few months. His disposition is great - very laid back and loves attention. He has been shown by a youth at the fall show and is handled often over the week.  George is getting the longer wavy hair that his mother has. He will make a great addition to your herd. George's dam is Prairie Creek Dalles and her sire is Ruairidh of Flatland Farm.

George - means "farmer".

Shibly of FlatlandFarm                                                         FOR SALE by private treaty

DOB: April 18, 2014


Shibly is a stocky heifer. She is deep like her mother and thick across the hip and shoulder. Shibly is a calm friendly heifer who will be a joy to have on the farm. Shibly's dam is Prairie Creek Maisie and her sire is Ruairidh of Flatland Farm.

Shibly - means "God as my oath"

As you can see, we try to have Scottish names for the animals that we name. It is not always easy since the web allows you to search many different sites and find many different meanings! Mark now has a couple of books of Scottish names and we are looking forward to naming the new calves this year with equally Scottish names!